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Fitness, Sport and Wellness have been Helena's Passion

Corporate FITT Retreats Layla Smolock, Facilitator

Throughout  grades 4 -7, I enjoyed the art of moving my body in Sport. I played,  Baseball, Volley Ball, Floor Hockey, you name it, I played it, with lots  of ENERGY!!!  I carried this energy well into high school and in Grade  13, was nicknamed by coach "The Arabian Stallion" for my running speed  on the Relay Team. My passion never stopped there. While training as an Athlete, I accepted a part-time position as an Aerobic Instructor at Catherine's Lady Fitness where I taught classes of all levels to participants of all levels. I share this amazing journey with present clients...Fitness with a twist of Athleticism, Healing and Nutrition.

SHE ATHLETE. Believe it. Be it. Live it.


Retreat Itinerary



Your Athlete Retreat will include some great Conditioning tips in a 1:1 session. Each session includes an Assessment of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Nutrition and Performance challenges.  Cross training Conditioning Classes will be designed and implemented in a group setting.


Corporate FITT Retreat Nutrition

Food is Medicine. Energy equation - Energy input should equal energy output and vice versa. When we lead busy Athletic lives, many times we may or may not be eating properly. We may have allergies to certain foods or simply do not understand how the food chain has changed over the years.  During the retreat, only ORGANIC Whole Foods will be served. 

Spa Services


As part of your itinerary, spa services are included. Services may vary according to our host hotel and the services their estheticians may offer. These services may include - Facials, Massage, Mani/Pedi...We all need time out!

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation


 Achieve balance. The body requires balance not just physiological balance, but as well as, mind, body and soul balance. Integrating, Yoga, Pilates and Meditation into your conditioning will bring about  balance. These sessions will get you INtune with your Athleticism.

Written Thoughts


Whether they are positive or negative, words have a powerful impact on an individual's well-being. Written words are just as powerful. In written thoughts, participants have an opportunity to journal. A time to reflect, take a look on the inside and share your inner world to pen and paper. 

Welcome Party/Farewell Party


Rest assured,  Athlete Retreat is a fun filled experience for each participant. We open with a Keynote speech and a welcome, after that PARTAY! The Farewell Party will be just as FUN!