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This one hour assessment includes testing your Cardiovascular, Flexibility and Strength via Functional Training. We also assess your Nutritional Intake. Past, present and future goals!

Athletic Training Packages

Start Movin' Package

This is a great step forward in learning how to

kick start your Health and Well-being. This a One Month Package which offers -

  • Training 2x/Wk
  • Rev your Metabolism Meal Planning
  • Outdoor Obstacle Course Training
  • Reiki Session
  • Fitness Testing

Functional Training based.

Keep me Movin' Package


After completing the Starter Package and experiencing the amazing results to your Body, Mind and Spirit! I guarantee you will be motivated to continue on with the Three Month Package.

  • Training 3x/Wk
  • Rev you Metabolism Meal Planning
  • Outdoor Obstacle Course Training
  • One to One Spin Training
  • 3 Reiki Sessions or 1 Spa Treatment

I Love 2Train Package!


Are you an avid work-out junkie? If you've answered YES! Then this  Six Month Package is for YOU!  More intense and challenging training  sessions with Athletic Drills guaranteed to make you SWEAT.

  • Training 3-4X/Wk
  • Rev Your Metabolism Meal Planning
  • Outdoor Obstacle Course Training
  • One to One Spin Training
  • FitMIND Training
  • 4 Reiki Sessions or 2 Spa Treatments

Best Pkg. for the Master Athlete Menopause/ PCOS Workout Package


Ladies this is Velocity Athletic  Training one of a kind creation! The cycle of your training sessions,  your meals, your supplements are optimized according to the cycle of  Menopause and PCOS. Hormones are continuously fluctuating thus making it  a challenge for your body, mind and spirit! This package guarantees to  make the change of life and symptoms of PCOS most certainly pleasant.

  • Training 3-4X/Wk
  • Rev Your Metabolism Meal Planning
  • Rev Your Metabolism Supplements
  • Outdoor Obstacle Course Training
  • SPIN, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation
  • FitMIND Training
  • Unlimited Reiki Sessions
  • 3 Spa Treatments
  • Clients 25+


Reiki hands on healing and releasing


This hands on healing will elevate your   

             BODY. MIND. SOUL.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art

using  "laying of the hands" on a client. Through this laying of hands, I make  an immediate connection with the client's past, present and future. The  focus is to remove any type of blockages within the Body. Mind. Soul.  Once these blockages have been released, the client feels an immediate  "Lightness" and "Balance". I recommend this healing to anyone who wishes  to release unwanted memories, emotional pain and wants to move forward  in life. I highly recommend it to Athletes as well.

One Year Package

Contact Helena for details. Save 15% when you purchase!