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Velocity Athletic Training Pillar of Ethics

Our Mission

 Velocity Athletic Training has created an environment where a trusted bond is developed between client and coach. Together we design your 1:1 Functional Conditioning to boost your Athletic Performance and Mindset to WIN!!

   Believe it. Be it. Live it

Our Vision

 We encourage, implement and motivate athleticism within communities around the globe. In sharing this vision, we hope to create communities which are healthy and strong in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Causes We Empower

At Velocity Athletic Training we take pride in Empowering People and their Communities. We have a number of causes we care about they include -  Environment, Health, Humanitarian Rights, Right to choose Holistic & Homeopathic Medicine, Organic Foods and Nutrition.

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Velocity Athletic Training Offers

1:1 Athletic Conditioning

 Velocity Athletic Training offers  1:1 Athletic Conditioning in a Clean, Professional and Trusted environment. Whether you're a  beginner or Avid Athlete, Velocity Athletic Training  ensures that each client experiences and understands his/her Athletic journey, no two Athletes are trained the same. Functional Training is key to achieving Strength, Speed, Stamina! Velocity Athletic Training programs guarantee to have you - Get up. MOVE. Unleash Your  Inner Athlete. Believe it. Be it. Live it.

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Athlete Obstacle Courses

Outdoor Obstacle Classes guaranteed to energize and move your body, mind and spirit!
Utilizing  what Mother Nature has provided, hills, trails, rocks and man made equipment - park benches, steps, track and field. Velocity Athletic Training Obstacle Courses are  designed with not only your body in mind but also your goals. Outdoor Obstacle Courses guarantee to cross-train, challenge, energize, ensure the Athlete within has fun! 

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Athlete Retreats


Transform. Renew. Rejuvenate.

Your well-being, your soul with an Athlete Retreat!

This is a three day retreat which will nurture your Athletic Spirit through  D-Stressing exercises - Yoga, Pilates and Breathe work. Spa services  which include facials and or massages. Indoor/Outdoor Conditioning  Programs to further assist you in achieving optimal Athleticism. Cross-training to get your body movin' in various planes! This includes - Run/Walk, Trail, Boxing classes, Strength Training, Endurance Training. Healthy  Meals and Shakes included!


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