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Since 1983, in Ottawa Ontario Canada where Helena Smolocks’ career started in the Fitness Industry – Teaching, Leading, Training, Managing and continuously year to year has adapted and grown to the adjustments and changes in the industry. Velocity Athletic Training has changed the lives of 1,000’s of participants and clients.

“I will continue to service clients in a professional manner as well provide optimal customer service, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Helena Smolock, Founder and President of Velocity Athletic Training

40 years Of Providing Quality Service To Our Clients. Your Trusted Brand.

Velocity Athletic Training has touched the lives of thousands of participants and clients, fostering positive change and well-being. Our commitment is not just a business ethos; it’s a legacy of transformative fitness experiences.


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Corporate Health and Wellness

One of my specialties and talent is to collaborate with Corporations whether large or small to set up their fitness facility, manage it, design, and implement fitness classes, personal training sessions, functional nutrition, weekly remote motivation plug-ins and webinars.


Personal Training sessions are for clients to achieve their Health and Wellness goals in the long term. I do not believe in fast fixes, only to have a client back at square one frustrated that they need to start all over again.

Outdoor Conditioning Classes with a Bootcamp Flair

The Master of Designing and implementing classes of all levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. There is a class for everyone!

Functional Nutrition and Supplementation

While your body is my canvas, I can re-design your shape and assist you in training, you cannot forget the importance of Functional Nutrition and Supplementation. This is your foundation for success! “What you eat is what you become.” Simply put.



Celebrating Excellence and Recognition

Honors and Achievements that Reflect our Commitment

We get you out of Desk Potato Syndrome and into MOVE Your Body!

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A cause we empower

Much Gratitude goes out to the Canadian Wildlife Foundation in making it possible to adopt ZEV, a handsome Cheetah living in a safe sanctuary where he is free to roam. Velocity Athletic Training contributes to saving this endangered species – The Cheetah from extinction.