Our Expertise in Corporate Wellness

40 years of providing state of the art Fitness facility Design, Management, Group Fitness
which include SPIN, Step, SkipN’Strength, Aqua-fitness, S-T-R-E-T-C-H, just to
name a few! To add to the list, we also take your Corporate Nutrition into consideration.

Did you knoW That...

According to Canada wide research conducted by Environics (2023), over the past three years, HR professionals have had to navigate an ever-changing workplace and a heavily impacted workforce. Looking forward to 2023, they indicate facing a number of challenges, with most of them interrelated and affecting each other.

While attracting and retaining talent is the most challenging area, an organization’s ability to do so is impacted by other workforce issues: overworked employees, mental health, well-being, absenteeism due to health issues, and overall job satisfaction.

While worsening physical health is not currently concerning for the majority, untreated mental health issues can lead to chronic physical conditions – which can have organizational ramifications in the form of low productivity, absenteeism,     and more.

Meanwhile in the USA...

According to Statista, a survey of U.S. employees from 2022 found that around 23 percent reported their self-assessed level of burnout to be very high or high, while only 41 percent reported it to be low or very low. Such information has inspired more employers to provide employees with benefits and well-being programs to reduce stress.

Corporate Wellness

Comprehensive Corporate
Wellness Solutions

Fitness Facility Design, Set-up and Management

No project is too large or too small!

Helena Smolock will consult with your HR department to navigate through your building space to find the right area to set up your on-site facility. 

Helena managed facilities well over 10,000 sq. ft and as small as 1,300 sq. ft. From ordering equipment to utilizing space, Helena will ensure every detail is looked at as well as to suit your budget!

We will get you and your employees out of Desk Potato Syndrome to Moving Your Body!

Group Fitness Programming (No Virtual Classes)

We will develop Group Fitness classes to challenge, motivate, and move you!
SPIN, STEP, Moderate, High and Low impact, Meditation and Stretch, Pilates, Yoga, and much more.

We move you with the changes that are happening within our industry!

Virtual Motivation Days

We have implemented a two-day quick check-in! Virtual Motivation Days is a pre-scheduled, 30-minute virtual gathering with your employees to motivate them! Let’s face reality: more employees are now working remotely from home. In our very own research, many of these employees are feeling low energy, missing interaction with their co-workers, and many social gatherings that are now extinct. These events are hosted on WEBEX only.

Book your Virtual Motivation Days today!

Functional Nutrition and Supplementation (Virtual)

The new disease – Desk Potato Syndrome, Sitting Disease leads to many health challenges.  One of them is weight gain. Weight gain leads to several health challenges which include but are not limited to – high blood pressure (the silent killer), heart disease, and diabetes. These are the three major diseases that result from lack of movement and are most often the result of overeating while seated at your desk.

Helena is a Registered Nutritional Consultant and a PhD student in Natural Medicine at Quantum University located in Hawaii. She is dedicated to assisting Corporate  Professionals with Optimal Nutrition and Supplementation combined with Fitness and Personal Training.

Personal Training

Corporate Elites enjoy our 1: 1 Personal Training sessions in a private boutique style studio. There are no line-ups to use equipment, no loud music playing over our voices and certainly no distractions. You have the full attention of Helena Smolock training you, reshaping you and challenging you in a safe and trusted environment!

Tailored Wellness Packages to Ignite Your Fitness Journey

Discover the Perfect Plan for Your Fitness Goals

Gold Package

Are you an established Corporation with a goal to set-up the ultimate on-site fitness facility? This package includes a thorough consultation, which includes evaluation of the space, equipment recommendations, programming, and management plus much more! Book a 15 minute consultation with Helena today!

Silver Package

Created for the medium sized business with a medium budget! Includes a thorough consultation, evaluation of the space, equipment recommendations, management, and much more! Book a 15-minute consultation with Helena today!

bronze package

Not sure where to begin? Book a 15-minute discovery with Helena today! All on-site management packages include an Awards event!