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Privacy Policy,Procedures & Use of Cookies



Privacy Policy, Procedures & Use of Cookies

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We  take your Athletic Lifestyle, Health and Wellness very seriously and  will make every effort to ensure that our participants are well informed  of the process Velocity Athletic Training (VAT Training Room) takes  upon booking with us.

Please read this thoroughly and if you have any questions, we are here to answer them.

Please  take note that the Facilitator, Strength and Conditioning Trainer  (Layla Helena Smolock), President of Velocity Athletic Training and  owner of VAT Training Room, has gone through Security and Criminal  background checks which were required for high profile Corporate Health  and Wellness Consulting and Management positions overseas and within  Canada.

Velocity Athletic Training (VAT Training  Room) recognizes the importance of privacy and the sensitivity of your  Personal Information (as defined below).

Velocity  Athletic Training (VAT Training Room) believes in protecting your  privacy. This policy outlines how we manage your Personal Information  and safeguard your privacy. 

By providing Personal Information to us, you  agree to the terms of this policy. However, we are committed to  continuous improvement and value your input.

If you have any concerns,  please contact us  via mail. Letters must be dated, signed and typewritten with a return address for responses. Email and phone calls will not be accepted 

This  policy covers our treatment of Personal Information that we collect,  both through our website and through communications or interaction we  may have with you (such as e-mails, telephone conversations,  face-to-face or correspondence). This policy also covers our treatment  of any information shared with us by third parties (This would include  your Physician, Physiotherapist, Sport Medicine Specialist).

Since  Velocity Athletic Training (VAT Training Room) regularly reviews all of  its policies and procedures, we may change this policy from time to time  and such changes will be effective from the date of revision.


 “Personal Information”

 means  personally identifiable information, including without limitation  names, addresses, financial and credit information health information  and consumer preference information.


Velocity Athletic Training (VAT Training Room) does not and will not  give, sell, rent, share or loan your Personal Information to others  except with your prior permission, as disclosed in this policy, as may  be permitted or required by law, or in certain cases if we engage a  third party to provide services to us and the third party is bound by  confidentiality obligations.

Velocity Athletic  Training (VAT Training Room) takes reasonable steps to ensure that your  Personal Information is kept safe from loss, unauthorized access,  modification or disclosure. Personal Information will be retained in  accordance with this policy only for as long as may be necessary or  relevant for the purpose of collection or as may be required or  permitted by law, after which time it will be destroyed or made  anonymous unless you further consent to its continued retention.

We  will generally notify you of the purposes of the collection, use and  disclosure of the Personal Information at the time of collection, unless  the purpose is obvious and you voluntarily provide the information (as  in the case of providing your credit card, payment by cheque to pay for  Personal Training Package (s) and or merchandise of Velocity Athletic  Training, (VAT Training Room) or we are required or authorized by law to  do so. Without limiting the foregoing, Velocity Athletic Training (VAT  Training Room) may collect, use and disclose particular types of  Personal Information as follows:


You  may visit Velocity Athletic Training (VAT Training Room) website  without registering or providing any Personal Information at all.  However, at certain portions of our website, such as the contact page  and or SHOP Velocity, please remember that you control what Personal  Information you provide to Velocity Athletic Training (VAT Training  Room) while visiting our website. We have taken measures to add Firewall  Protection and our site is continuously being analyzed for viruses. If  you wish to send us confidential information, please notify us first to  make arrangements. Velocity Athletic Training (VAT Training Room)  website does use cookies or automatically collects Personal Information  from visitors.

Par-Q Form

The  Par-Q Form is designed by Health Canada. This form identifies the  health status of our participants in order for Velocity Athletic  Training (VAT Training Room) in designing professional and safe programs  it is mandatory to complete. Velocity Athletic Training (VAT Training  Room) has the right to refuse participation if a participant (s) have  answered “YES” to two or more major health issues revealed in completion  of the Par-Q Form. In some cases a Doctor’s note is required (this is  third party sharing). This information is kept strictly confidential  between the parties.


All  Liability forms are required to be completed to participate in Velocity  Athletic Training (VAT Training Room) 1-1 Personal Training, Outdoor  Conditioning Classes and any events hosted by Velocity Athletic Training  (VAT Training Room). We have the right to refuse participation if these  forms are not completed prior to Booking and prior to Participation.

Media and Social Media

The  use of Photographs, Videos of our clients in Advertising, Social Media  and our Website (Velocity Athletic Training, VAT Training Room) will not  be utilized without prior written Press Release Consent from our  clients. Our clients have the right to refuse the use of their photos in  our Media and Social Media channels.

Copyrights, Intellectual Property, Trademarks

Velocity  Athletic Training and VAT Training Room reserves the right to all  copyrighted content, (wording, colours and fonts) displayed on our  website, in emails, on social media, advertising or other locations. You  may not re-distribute or re-publish, or use Velocity Athletic Training  (its name, its logo) and any content (wording, colours and fonts)  without the explicit permission from Velocity Athletic Training and VAT  Training Room and its owner Layla Helena Smolock. 


Should  you have any further questions or concerns about the Privacy of  Information Policy and Procedures you provide to Velocity Athletic  Training (VAT Training Room) or if you wish to contact us regarding what  Personal Information of yours we would retain, and any other issues or concerns you may have, please contact us by mail. 

Please forward your inquiries to :

Velocity Athletic Training

1685 H Street

Blaine, WA 98230

Attention: Mrs. Layla Helena Smolock

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